Cheetah Energy Control - Demand based ventilation control for commercial kitchens

The next generation of commercial kitchen ventilation control

The extraction of waste heat, odours, fumes and combustion products in commercial catering constitutes a major demand for energy. This energy demand is increased further with large quantities of conditioned air being lost to the atmosphere and replaced unnecessarily by inefficient ventilation systems.

Cheetah is equally at home as either a retrofit or new build solution and works by controlling ventilation fan speeds such that extract rates are matched with cooking demands, hence optimising energy use.

The patented Cheetah system works on the principle of the “Affinity Laws for Centrifugal Loads”, the result of which is that a fan running at 40% of its normal operating speed will only consume 6% of the energy required to run the fan at 100% of its operating capacity.

Variable speed drives are mandatory for the control of larger extract fans (Building Regulations Parts F & L). In commercial catering zones Cheetah controls these drives effectively and efficiently to safely minimise energy usage.

Cheetah’s monitoring of carbon dioxide levels and control of ventilation within the commercial kitchen aids compliance with Health and Safety regulations

To maximise energy reduction, fresh air supply is controlled by Cheetah in the same way as extraction, providing maximum energy savings and a comfortable working environment in the kitchen.

Cheetah is the leading demand based ventilation control system in the UK for commercial kitchens

Controlling the extract and supply fans together ensures that they run at the lowest speed possible and ramp up only when cooking occurs, minimising energy usage whilst maintaining comfortable and safe conditions.

Cheetah is an effective way to save energy with most installations achieving a return on investment in less than 2 years

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