The self-contained kitchen ventilation system that needs no direct ductwork connections to atmosphere

Refresh is a self contained kitchen ventilation unit that comprises an extract and supply canopy with a dedicated services tower at one end. The tower has an integral fan unit and additional stages of filtration to clean the air before being introduced back into the kitchen.

Contaminated air from cooking appliances is filtered first by the Superstream baffle grease filters located in the canopy to remove the vast proportion of the grease from the airstream.

Using the power of the internal fan in the tower, the air is then drawn out from the canopy and through the tower assembly and passed through four additional stages of increasing efficiency filters, to remove remaining grease before going through carbon filter elements to reduce odours.

Filtered air is then reintroduced into the kitchen through the supply diffuser on the front of the canopy.

Filters within the system are as follows:

Important Notes:

Due to the requirements of gas regulations, Refresh units can only be used over electrically powered cooking equipment.

Refresh does not include equipment to reduce the extracted air temperature, therefore consideration should be given to provide cooling within the kitchen area.

Whilst the unit does not directly require ductwork to atmosphere, it is good practice to provide some background ventilation within the kitchen. Refresh is ideal for use over light to medium output cooking equipment such as induction cookers.

The Refresh Brochure

Refresh Recirculation Units Ventless, recirculation units by Britannia

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