A recessed hood ventilated ceiling system with excellent containment and high efficiency filtration, with great flexibility of application.

Ventilated ceilings are increasingly popular as aesthetics become more important within commercial kitchens, because they provide a clean line of sight, whilst providing a comfortable and safe working environment.

Silverline provides an aesthetically pleasing solution whilst minimising the fire risk associated with most ceiling systems Silverline is based on shallow conventional extract canopies, with the rest of the ceiling laid to grid with insulated stainless steel tiles, fixed light lanes and removable supply diffusers. The void above the ceiling acts as an air plenum introducing make-up air into the kitchen and is never in contact with extract air.

Silverline is usually mounted between 2300-2700 above finished floor level and provides dedicated fire compartments above the cooking equipment. Each canopy section is fitted with Superstream baffle type filters and grease collection and drainage systems this prevents grease from reaching the ceiling void, minimising any fire risk.

Each canopy section is ducted directly to atmosphere and can be fitted with a fire suppression system or Ultrastream UV filtration system to provide secondary grease removal and odour destruction.

The remaining ceiling is made up of fixed light lanes, with recessed light fittings and 500 x 500mm removable panels. Most being insulated stainless steel, with supply air being introduced through diffuser panels.

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