Reducing fire risk and odour nuisance from your commercial catering installations

A common problem with kitchen extract systems is that grease inevitably gets carried over into the extract ductwork. If this grease builds up it provides fuel for a fire and represents a significant fire risk within the building. Also the odours from kitchen ventilation systems can be a major nuisance, depending on the location, cuisine and point of extract.

Both of these problems can be designed out, by using Ultrastream canopies from Britannia. Ultrastream canopies incorporate Ultra Violet UVC light to provide secondary grease removal and odour destruction.

Principal of Operation:

The canopies have high efficiency baffle filters which provide the first stage of grease removal, and also acts as a physical barrier to restrict the spread of flames. The extracted air then passes through the UV reaction chamber, located deep inside the canopy, well away from prying eyes, and protected with safety interlocks.

Intense UVC light breaks down the remaining organic material using a combination of photolysis and ozonolysis, leaving a final discharge of cleaned air with a trace of ozone, which is quickly dissipated in the atmosphere.

If the discharge point is at low level then the excess ozone in the treated kitchen extract may cause a nuisance and an ozone destruction unit may be required Please contact Britannia if your extract system discharges at low level or in an enclosed area.

Cleaning & Maintenance:

Ultrastream automatically and continuously destroys organic material in the airstream and helps keep the extract ductwork grease free, significantly extending the period between ductwork cleaning intervals and reducing the fire risk at the same time.

When the grease is exposed to UV light it breaks down and turns to a fine ash which adheres to the UV lamps and needs to be removed approximately every two months. The ash deposits are removed by means of a cloth, with water and detergent, followed up by a liquid solvent cleaner.

Longer term the lamp elements will need replacing, they have a lifespan of approx 10,000 hours which relates to two years of normal use.

Ultrastream just keeps getting better!

Britannia has been designing and manufacturing Ultrastream canopies for many years.

During this time we have developed our products continually to ensure we offer the most effective solution, based on our experience, customer feedback, field testing and continuous development programme. Latest modifications include the new integral touch screen control panel and the easy access ballast chamber to make maintaining the system even easier.

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